AJOMS (Asynchronous Java-Script Object Management Services) is a new Framework for the design and execution/control of dynamic Web-site applications employing a unified blend of Java-Script and HTML Object creation, control, modification, and executing facilities. AJOMS incorporates most current Software Philosophies, Interfaces and Standards to provide its Object Oriented Web-site development features:

ø Java-Script as an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Language.
ø AJAX Communication with Server-side companion module Functions.
ø JSON structured data standards for all internal (Client-side) and external (Server-side) function/method message/data communications.
ø Jquerry-like statements to create, and modify HTML Page Objects/Elements, and to create and modify CSS Rules.
ø Macro String utility to generate HTML text to create/modify HTML Page Objects/Elements.

The AJOMS Framework provides Asynchronous Java_Script Object Management Services for manipulation of Web-site Application Page Objects/elements on an Active Page Objects (APO) basis:

ø Installing the initial/Master Page Objects/Elements.
ø Responding to User initiated events.
ø JQERRY-like Page object referencing standards to set, retrieve and alter APOs contents(Attributes and Style).
ø JQERRY-like access to CSS Rules to modify Object Style and Event Definitions.
ø Controlling Timed Application Object Events.
ø JSON (Java-Script Object Notation) as the AJOMS Message/Data structure.
ø AJAX Managed Object-Data Communication with companion Server-side Program Functions.
ø Logging and Restoring Application presentation Data.
ø Macros for HTML text/instruction string generation.
ø String utility package (_STR) to enhance string manipulation capabilities (Macro-expansion, Parsing, Matching).


AJOMS Tutorial

Surface Command Manual

AJOMS Example